Top 5 9006 LED Car Headlight Bulbs

Buying after sale car parts is not a popular idea. In fact, when it comes to car headlights, people prefer to stick with their ‘not-so-bright’ halogen bulbs rather than going for an all-improved version of 9006 LED headlight bulbs.

Awkward, right?

Well, this tendency to stick with this non-functional status quo is borne out of what people say about LED lights and their expensive price tags. And they are not totally wrong!

LED lights can be expensive. However, their ability to produce crisp bright light for your vehicle cannot be questioned. In fact, when you put the capacity of these LED lights into consideration and the stress they’ll save you in the long run, you’d discover that they are worth every penny spent on them.

LED lights are certainly the solution to your inefficient and dim halogen lights. If you know what to look for when buying 9006 led headlight bulbs, then you are on your way to having safer night driving experiences.

This is why we have decided to carry out a review on some of the best LED headlights in the market currently. This will help you pick the one that is right for your car and your pocket.

Having said all that, lets set the ball rolling.

2019 Best 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs

ModelPowerLumensColorLED chip
Nordlichter 9006 LED Car Headlight Bulbs80w/Set & 40w/bulb 8000LM 6500KZES Chips Check Price
Lumen 9006 HB3 LED Car Headlight Bulbs 72W6000LM 6500KCree XHP50 Chip Check Price
Aukee 9006 LED Car Headlights Bulbs 50W 10000LM 6000KExtremely Bright HB4 CSP Chips Check Price
9005 and 9006 Combo LED Car Headlight With COB Chips36W8000LM 6500KCOB ChipsCheck Price

1.PHILIPS Xtreme Ultinon LED HB3 (9005) HB4 (9006) Car Headlight Bulbs 6500K +200%

PHILIPS Xtreme Ultinon LED HB3 (9005) HB4 (9006) Car Headlight Bulbs 6500K

First on our list is a masterpiece from PHILIPS company. They are known for churning out quality products every year, and Xtreme Ultinon LED Car Headlight is certainly not an exception.
Let’s take a look at its specifications and special features.
Both bulbs contained in the product package are powered by a unique Luxeon LED technology. This enables them to produce a perfect bright white light with a color temperature of 6500K. When compared to your regular halogen bulb, the Philips Xtreme Ultinon Car headlight has the capacity to produce a 200% brighter light.
It is also fortified with a top-notch heat management system and a light intensity level that guarantees the longevity of up to 12 years. With the Xtreme Ultron car headlight, you are sure to have precision when it comes to lighting. Its safe beam technology and sleek design ensure that all of the light produced stays on the road where it is needed.
Its installation is not a big problem since it was originally designed to fit into a variety of cars. If you follow the installation guide accordingly, you should have the lights working in a matter of minutes.

Light sample

light sample

    • It produces extremely bright light.
    • Fits into a wide range of cars
    • Does not require frequent maintenance
    • 12 years lifetime possible
    • You will probably have to get used to its extremely bright light
    • It is a little expensive

2.Nordlichter Ultra Bright 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs,ZES Chips Conversion Kit,8000 Lumens 6500K Cool White

Nordlichter 9006 LED Car Headlight Bulbs

Up next is Nordlichter 9006 impressive LED Bulbs. Unlike other LED lights, these bulbs are optimized to produce a 360 beam pattern which equally produces a cool performance every time.

Asides all of these, the Nordlichter 9006 LEd Car Headlights are infused with the trending ZES LED Chips technology. This produces a combined 8000lm of bright white light at a temperature of 6500k. To put this in simpler terms, these bulbs are 300% brighter than your everyday halogen headlight bulbs.

For more efficient heat management, the system comes with a high level 9000 RPM fan combined with a sleekly designed aluminum casing that produces a cooling effect that can last for as long as the 60,000 hours expected working lifespan. It is both shock and waterproof, so you can be sure of using these bulbs for a very long time.

Installing the Nordlichter 9006 Car Headlight is super easy. All you need to do is to fix, click, and use. This works the majority of the time because the system is designed to fit into a variety of vehicles.

What’s more, these LED bulbs come with a 3-year warranty and lifetime support from the company.


So because of all these features, this one happens to be a favorite of many car owners.

Light sample

Nordlichter 9006 LED Car Headlight Bulbs

      • It is relatively cheap when compared with other LED lights.
      • Installation is as simple as plug and play.
      • Produces super bright light.
    • Light may flicker sometimes
    • The ease of installation vary from car to car but will not be much of a problem if the directions are followed.

3.Lumen 9006 HB3 LED Conversion Kit – G8 Replacement 9006HP 9006XS HB4 – Headlight Bulbs 6000lm 6500K Cree XHP50 Chip 72W

Lumen 9006 HB3 LED Car Headlight Bulbs

If you are looking for a quick replacement for halogen bulbs or LED lights such as 9006Hp, 9006XS, HB4, and 9006, then Lumen 9006HLC-G8 LED Conversion Kit should be your pick. It is one of the most impressive 9006 LED headlight bulbs, and it is easy to see why.

The systems individual bulbs produces 6000lm at a time while generating a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin. With its beam angle standing at 360 degrees, it is no wonder why the manufacturers had to infuse the system with bulbs with a power of 72Watts, and 36W.

The Lumen 9006HLC-G8 LED Conversion Kit is designed to be compatible with a variety of cars so installation should be a walk in the park for you. However, if do experience some compatibility issues, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturers so that the appropriate bulb for your vehicle type will be recommended for you.

The manufacturers equally offer a 5-year warranty after the purchase of the Lumen LED systems.


Light sample

Lumen 9006 HB3 LED Car Headlight Bulbs

    • Impeccable brightness with each bulb producing 6000lm.
    • It is designed to fit into many vehicles totally hassle-free.
    • Longevity may be an issue
    • It is slightly expensive

4.Aukee 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs, 50W 6000K 10000 Lumens Extremely Bright HB4 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

Aukee 9006 LED Car Headlights Bulbs

This particular LED car headlight is designed specifically for enhanced brightness. The Aukee 9006 Car LED bulbs are fortified with the latest Korean LED Chips (Double 6pcs chips for each light bulb) to produce a massive 10,000 lumens output. This is extremely bright light with an average output of 5000lm per light.

The Aukee LED bulbs guarantee safety while journeying at night on a dark road. They also generate a xenon white light at a temperature of 6000k. When compared with other halogen bulbs, the bulbs are 150% brighter and reliable. You can enjoy up to 30,000 hours lifespan with no shadow areas or dark spots creeping up.

The system houses an effective turbofan that forms a cooling system which helps to dissipate heat generated from the highly functional CSP LEDs without making too much noise. With its removable aluminum adapter, you can easily install this car lamps in the reflector or projector headlights. You can also rotate the beam through a 360 angle.

Aukee LED bulbs come with a 2 years warranty and you can always contact the manufacturer should you run into any problems during installation or for other inquiries concerning their automotive lights.

Light sample

Aukee 9006 LED Car Headlights Bulbs

    • Comes with a 30 days money back guarantee
    • They are very bright
    • Aukee LED Bulbs are relatively cheap
    • It has an inbuilt EMC system that can significantly reduce radio interference
    • Installation procedure may differ

5.9005 9006 Combo Led Headlight Kit, LinkStyle 2 Sets 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 CREE LED Headlight Kit Waterproof 6500K Cool White 8000Lumens COB Chips Fog Light High & Low Beam Light Bulbs

9005 and 9006 Combo LED Car Headlight With COB Chips

Last on our list of the best led headlights is the super bright combo led car headlights. The kit comprises of two 9006 led bulbs and two 9005 bulbs that are made using the most sophisticated COB technology available currently. It is no wonder why this lighting system ranks high among the best in the market.

Each bulb in the system has a 2pc long COB LED Chips. They produce clear white light at a temperature of 6500k and generate 8000lumens in the process. You can enjoy this immensely bright LED headlights for a very long time up 30,000 hrs of usage. The lamps have a power of 36W each and are also waterproof.

To install these new set of LED Headlight, all you need to do is to plug, click and use it. You have to make sure that you hear the solid click sound to confirm that it fits right into your vehicle. In case you want to replace a halogen lamp, just simply remove the old bulbs, unlock buttons and put the new LED lights in. Ensure that there is proper alignment before you plug and click to complete the installation process.

Light sample

9005 and 9006 Combo LED Car Headlight With COB Chips

    • It comes with energy saving capabilities
    • Gives brighter light than the average halogen bulbs that come with vehicles
    • It is waterproof and durable
    • It can fit right into your budget
    • Makes night driving a lot safer
    • Installation may differ in some vehicles


If you have been paying close attention since we began this review, you probably would have noticed that most of the products highlighted in our list of the best led headlights have similar specifications. However, a lot of factors can determine which will work better for your particular type of vehicle. The first is your budget. You need to be sure of how much you can afford before you opt for one of the lighting systems. If you do not have a robust budget, you can always stick with the low cost 9006 led headlight bulbs that have enough of the specifications that you are looking for.

You also need to be sure of the type of LED used in the LED headlight bulb. The best way to find this out is by reading the manufacturers description of the product. Higher quality LEDs are used by more prestigious companies and are likely to be more expensive.

There you have it, detailed reviews of the 5 best 9006 led headlight blub/kits that are currently dominating the market. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help the readers to make an appropriate purchase.

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